From day one, Mascioni Hotel Collection have focused on elevating the experiences of discerning guests.
Luxury is personal, and a legacy is not forgotten.

Italian heritage

The Mascioni legacy started in 1957 when Bernardo and Umberto Mascioni opened a small artisan textile workshop in Azzio, Italy. The Mascioni brothers created beautiful silk scarves and printed cotton handkerchiefs. Their reputation for creating original, exquisite prints spread throughout Italy and Europe. In the early 1970s, a new production facility was opened in Cuvio, Italy to support Mascioni’s expanding portfolio.

Mascioni Hotel Collection Heritage
Mascioni Hotel Collection luxury products

Luxury in hospitality

Mascioni’s ability to design and produce exquisite linens captured the attention of hotels, resorts, and spas seeking to create an original, unique, and memorable experience for guests. Increased demand from hoteliers around the world led Mascioni to establish a separate brand – Mascioni Hotel Collection – to service the hospitality industry.

Preserving the legacy

Growing demand for luxury linen led Gary Heiman to purchase Mascioni Hotel Collection in 2019. Heiman, President & CEO of Standard Textile, is a long-time veteran of designing and weaving premium linen for hotels around the world. In partnership with Mascioni’s Creative Director, Angelo Fugazza, Mascioni Hotel Collection are positioned to preserve a legacy of excellence, refinement, and taste.

Mascioni Hotel Collection Legacy - Gary Heiman